Ty Dolla $ign Inaugural Dolla Day Concert at the Hollywood Palladium Theatre


Shout out to my buddy Mo from the Accelerated Radio network, for inviting me to this event! Got the message that he had an extra ticket and I was all aboard! The last time I seen Ty Dolla $ign,  was shortly after interviewing him a few years ago. So I was really excited to see him in action on stage; interacting with his fans.

Upon arrival, the line was wrapped around the corner, down the street a few blocks with fans eager to get inside. Luckily, Mo arrived early enough for me to meet him at the entrance gate.  The staff at the gates were very thorough checking bags and pockets prior to getting in the building. Had no choice but to appreciate the process for everyone’s protection. We walked in with ease, in time to see the layout of the theatre. Wide open space on the floor, with balconies, and plenty of room to enjoy the show.

As soon as we walked to the front of the stage, guess who we see?

Black Jesus!

LOL. Slink Johnson’s tall ass was standing over to the right of us. And here I go energy on 10 now because, im hanging with my people’s at an event for Ty!

Mo, Slink, Paris After convo’s and selfies, Slink and I walked around, got a drink, talked to his fans, seen another friend, and did what Slink loves to do (if you know what I mean). haha 😉 By the time we walked back inside to return to Mo (who was still in the front), there was no way we could get past the crowd that quickly grew while we were gone. You know I really didnt mind. As long as I can see and hear the performance, I was ‘Gucci’.

Once the show began, nothing else really mattered. The opening choreography was truly inspirational, (you’ll see below what I mean). Ty’s friends (Kendrick Lamar, A$AP Rocky, Wiz Khalifa, G-Eazy, DJ Mustard, Joe Moses, and MadeIntyo), joined him on stage, and the rest is history. Definitely was a great night!



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