Think Your Surgery Through Perhaps?

The fact that women especially younger than 30 are butchering their bodies to attain an image that will physically be impossible to obtain for the long haul at this point, has become a “regular” thing. Would you agree? We highlight women of curvy body frames and snatched waists constantly, and most likely leave out the health concerns associated to the remedies a woman chooses to practice and obtain such appearances. The “what if’s” aren’t discussed as much as they should, otherwise we would see more natural women walking around; in our opinion.

The above photo is of a woman in a before and after view from her lip augmentation procedure. If you notice the photo after the procedure and the shape of the woman’s new lip shape, does it look like she will have issues keeping liquids and possibly solids in her mouth? Just curious.

By no means is this to poke fun, but to bring awareness to the next individual who may consider adjusting their lips like this photo, or other parts for that matter. Do your research and logically think, if it’s worth. Love the beauty in you.


According to Paris.


(photo courtesy of @dr.apple789)

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