The Weeknd “Sidewalks” Feat. Kendrick Lamar [Reviewed]

The Weeknd released Starboy the album November 25th of this year and the buzz has been all positive reviews from what I hear. Its been a while since his last album release, so his fans were excited to get that new-new from ya boy. Now, the newest track surfacing the media right now is “Sidewalks” featuring Compton’s finest, Kendrick Lamar. Anytime Kendrick is featured, you know it’s a win win situation for all. So, as I research about this latest project, I found that media says The Weeknd is clearly dissing Mr. OVO himself, Drake. HOWEVER! I have yet to see, hear, or watch The Weeknd mention anything about this so-called diss. Not to say the rumor isn’t true but, until the confirmation comes from the horse’s mouth (sort of speak), how do we know its true indeed? IJS.

I can understand why the media has come up with this conclusion for sure. You know Drake was supposed to sign The Weeknd many moons ago and possibly still taking cred for The Weeknd’s success; being that he was the artist to verbally introduce The Weeknd to the world. That’s cool and all. But just because Drake has done that, it was The Weeknd that used the voice to sing, it was The Weeknd that sweated blood and tears to keep his name revolving in these streets. He’s had great advancement in this music industry, and he’s become more respected because of the work he put in. In my opinion, once people love what you do, it motivates you to keep going and going strong. The people (fans, consumers, record exec’s, etc.) and the artist, work hand in hand if you think about it. You cant progress in the entertainment world lacking one or the other.  Which brings us to the title, “Sidewalks”. The title and lyrics insinuates that the sidewalks are what made The Weeknd, The Weeknd. If that’s not clear enough…sidewalks are located on the streets. When you walk down a sidewalk of a street, you are able to see reality much clearer. No facade. No fugazi. No cover ups. All trill in the streets and the real ones always keep it 100. It can’t get no realer than the streets.

So lets say The Weeknd really is dissing Drake. OK. Well I guess we have two R&B singers beefing again and the records are only going to be entertaining for all to enjoy. But how can you judge a man for expressing the truth. He’s probably setting the record straight for all those that really believe his career was manifested solely based on Drakes word or assistance. Can you blame anyone for wanting to correct a lie/rumor?

I think the reason this song has hit me to the core is because, I too have been in many situations where a person attempted to take cred for my progress in a situation. It utterly amazes me how anyone could claim what is not theirs. No love lost to either Drake or the OVO crew at all. These artists really make really good music so who can hate on that other than a man with bad intentions. At some point though, this rumor/beef will be squashed and the truth(s) will all come to light ya dig.

Take a listen to the track, read the lyrics, and comment below what YOU think.






(The Weeknds Verse)

I ran out of tears when I was 18
So nobody made me but the main streets
‘Cause too many people think they made me
Well if they really made me then replace me
Homeless to forbes list, these niggas bring no stress
I feel like moses, I feel like I’m chosen
And if you ain’t my nigga then your girl single to me
I don’t give a damn if a nigga said he knew me
Grew up with no father so nobody ever “son” me
My flow too sick, kevin costner couldn’t touch me
I know you wish that nobody ever love me
I feel useless when I’m never making money
Well, this the life we always fantasized
Rich folk problem through a queen street nigga’s eyes
Every time you see me pulling up in aventadors
Just know we been grinding on them sidewalks


Sidewalks saved my life
They don’t ever lie
Sidewalks saved my life
They showed me all the signs

They don’t let me down
But they lead me on
And they don’t let me down
But they lead me on
And they lead me on

(Kendricks Verse)

Say, say say
I come from myrtle, one brung late night melee
Say, say, say
We hung all summer, sprung mattress with bae bae
Say, say, say
Trippin’ off dyke, and my name strike with pay day
Say, say, say
Flippin’ blue lighting, tightening, strapped with ak
Say, say, say
Og one, told me one, show me one, eight ways
How to segue
Pussy, power, profit in headache
I reminisce my life innocence
Or life innocent
Or life intimate, with fame
Like number ten
With like women up women art with women up
Gon’ get it, good game
She wanna hang with a starboy
The sun and the moon and star, boy
Astronomer, anonymous
I line ’em up, grind ’em up, these nine of us
And 5 of us have probably fucked
She mollied up, I tallied up all the parts boy
Twenty legs, arms, head (head)
Head, head, more head (head)
Oh god bless the dead (yeah)
I’m livin’ life high off life
I wear my chokes off to bed
I’m the greatest nigga, why you so scared to say it?
I wanna rock, I wanna rock, I wanna cop more land
I never stop
I wanna quick advance on a bill if it ain’t one
Break everything, I’m a hustler, came from


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