The Designer of K. Waters Fashions GGI (God’s Got It)

“Sexy yet classy. Be stylish in all you do; work it like you know God’s Got It (#GGI)”

~Kisha Waters


Kisha Waters is a force to be reckoned with. The first awareness of her was through mutual circles and an invite to check out her upcoming fashion show at that time. Which indeed showed off her skill and creativity in each piece. From each show attended, it was clear to know Kisha is a business minded women that certainly goes for what she wants and embodies great strength to accomplish all that she desires. She delivers an artistic approach with her shows. Providing musical influences from a banging DJ and a few performers to aid in conveying the message she’s providing. That type of energy was noticeable and truthfully intriguing. The respect factor for all that she has done and what she plans to reveal to her current and future clientele, is without doubt on ‘boss status’!

Soon, Kisha plans to open a style lounge for all her fashion and creative purposes. Not only can you browse and shop her fashion website, but soon clients will be able to have that person to person interaction with Kisha and receive her inspiration right there on the spot.


K. Waters Fashions GGI

K. Waters Fashions GGI (God’s Got It) is a clothing boutique designed to develop confidence and Fulfillment through great fashion and God’s favor… for a reasonable price! Our mission is to ensure that every customer has confident in their appearance, which will help provide an overall assurance of everyday presentation. When we possess confidence, we are empowered from within to overcome obstacles whether they be innate or environmental. Our underlying purpose is to provide an avenue to spiritual as well as physical wholeness, by being “covered in love confidence “, through K. Waters Fashion GGI products.


Check out K. Waters Fashions GGI Style Lounge for a gift or your next look!

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