Stix Releases New Music “Cabanas” To Vibe Out To

Stix released a new sound that is unlike his recent singles such as “Gettin’ 2 Da”, and “World Class” which are packed with upbeat and high energy tones. This new track titled, “Cabanas” can absolutely be the next drop top vibe most of us have been looking for with a sexy RnB and Hip Hop flavor mixed in one. Or you can take it as an early arrival to your Springtime playlist for those poolside, lounge occasions.
“If it ain’t about the money, what we talkin’ bout?” seems to be the motto for the creatively booming artist. And in the song, Stix once again sets the record that he doesn’t need to be surrounded by the groupies or distractions that block the money flow. He has his ‘fly woman’, and benefits rolling in from hustling to embrace his shine today. Stix recognizes those that envy and wanna be down, nevertheless, if you aint generating good energy or progress, he aint wit it. The tone of this track is set for a classier way of turning up from the stereotypical norm. So, turn the volume up, grab a glass of Tanqueray Ten, and vibe out to the latest Stix release ‘Cabanas’.

Let the music speak…
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