Meet The Owner & Executive Chef of Yummy Creations Located in Los Angeles, California

Tasha Dorsey aka “Chef Tasha” is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Her presence was well-known to us several years back at local events for artists and talent in similar circles. The first encounter was at a Homegrown Radio event in the Los Angeles area, serving delicious treats to all that stopped by. From that point on, if you seen Tasha in the kitchen or nearby with catering equipment, you definitely wanted to grab a taste of what she was cooking up.

Her continuous drive shines brighter for a woman of her size. But oh don’t let that size fool ya. She plays no games in or outside of the kitchen. Not to say she doesn’t have a fun side to her, but when it comes to nutrition (which everyone these days need to look further into), she takes it very serious, and she makes sure the flavor in the food packs a powerful punch.  You can easily see and taste that through those ‘Yummy Creations’ she prepares. We’ll continue to follow Tasha and the team of Yummy Creations and their continued success!


The Chef

Chef Tasha Dorsey is the Owner & Executive Chef of Yummy Creations in Los Angeles, California. No stranger to the food industry she has spent over 8 years building her brand that includes working with Restaurants, NFL Players, Olympic Medalist and Grammy Award Winning Musicians.
Her Yummy Creations brand focuses on her passion for private chef services that provide full event planning with personal and unique dining experiences, as well as meal planning for those clients who are garnering a healthier day-to-day lifestyle. Her idea that “every bite should mean something” can be seen and tasted with every recipe developed by Yummy Creations.

The Team


Location & Catering Info 

Private Chef Services
940 E. Dominguez St
Carson, CA 90746
Contact Chef Tasha today to discuss further info on meal planning, catering your next private event, and to experiment with 15 of her delectable recipes from her Show You How to Chef book.
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