Meet Brandee J Host of ‘New Year New You’ Womens Networking Social Event

It’s not everyday we are introduced to hardworking, independent women in the Entertainment/Fashion industry and also understand their motives for achieving their goals. Take a moment to read Brandee J’s back story and begin to understand the reason why ‘Paris’ felt drawn to participate in Brandee J’s movement.


Brandee “Kurvy” J is a Self-Acceptance Advocate, Multi-Media Personality, Author, Fashion Editor, and highly sought after Speaker. She empowers women to embrace the best versions of themselves through all of her brands!

The Women Behind the Movement!
Growing up, Brandee is the youngest of 4 and was teased for being overweight by her peers and father. Her father nicknamed her Ms. Piggy due to her size. At the age of 10, her father decided that he wanted her to lose weight and put her on her first of many diets.
From the age of 10-15, Brandee battled with eating disorders and attempted suicide twice. It wasn’t until she reached the age of 16 that she realized her body was beautiful and with the help of her grandmother she came to accept herself.
With her self-esteem at an all-time high it was again tested after Brandee gave birth to her first child at the age of 21. Seeing her body changing it affected her in a number of ways. Dealing with her self-esteem it was a hard battle she was facing and also being in a physical/verbal abusive marriage.
After two-years Brandee J got the courage to leave her marriage and rebuild herself to the woman she is today.

A Movement that Matters!
Recognizing the need to kick-down barriers as a plus-size woman, Brandee “Kurvy” J is on a mission to make being a proud “Kurvy” woman mainstream! In 2012 she launched her Kurvy Life lifestyle brand designed to demonstrate to women that you can be classy, sexy, and elegant at any size.
“It’s about walking with your head held high and looking glamorous doing it!” says Brandee J.
Brandee “Kurvy” J is a business woman on the rise in the fashion and entertainment industry and her brand only continues to grow. In 2015 Brandee J did the unthinkable, not only did she start the first ever plus size fashion week during New York Fashion Week titled “NYFW Plus,” she also took the knowledge she gained from the plus size industry and launched the very first upscale luxury publication for plus size women “Luxe Kurves Magazine” (
In 2015 she became the co-host of the Brandee J and Kristy Talk Show a RAW unscripted talk show dedicated to discussing the issues that people care about while holding nothing back.
In 2016 Brandee J continued to make moves by putting on “Luxe Kurves Fashion Night Los Angeles” (!
Breaking down barriers for plus size women is Brandee “Kurvy” J’s mission in life!


Joining the Movement!

Brandee “Kurvy” J represents a brand you want to be associated with!! She is dedicated to changing the world through her workshops, multi-media hosting gigs, and speaking engagements. She is a highly sought after event host, fashion show coordinator, and more!
If you want to engage the kurvy market, you want Brandee J!

To get more information about Brandee “Kurvy” J and her Kurvy movement please visit
To contact Brandee J directly for press, booking, or consulting opportunities please email

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