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Machine Gun Kelly Alpha Omega Tour at the Belasco Theatre

Never would I have imagined that I would be attending a Machine Gun Kelly concert. No offense to MGK at all! I’m just not in any circles currently where the conversation comes up. So when I got the text that I was invited to attend the Alpha Omega Tour, I wasn’t prepared for the event in any fashion. However, I’m interested in doing everything (almost everything), that is out of the norm for me.

When I arrived to the Belasco Theatre that Thursday night (Oct. 13th), where the tour stopped for MGK fans, there was a bit of an issue with my ticket at the call box office. Immediately, I began to think, well maybe this aint the place I need to be. Had to call the plug, he had to call his connect, the connect had to figure out the situation, and at that moment, I felt like it was wrap for me. Instead of leaving right away, the commotion from the side of the theatre entrance kept me there and entertained me while the ticket situation was being dealt with. Liquor courage had to be running through this guys blood full force because, somehow he believed he would be able to take on 5 bouncers solo dolo. I gotta give him his props though because he tried it. He just didn’t succeed on whatever mission he was on. LOL.

10 mins later…

The plugs connect began talking to hit friend that was leaving the theatre and thanks to THAT guy, I got a ticket annnnd a VIP pass! Ok so you know I was extremely thankful. Your girl was about to walk away with a wasted trip mood on her face but, the universe was like “not today bih”. I gave the guy a good old ‘thank you’ hug and proceeded to walk in with a huge Kool-Aid smile on my face. The music was blasting through the speakers, the crowd was lit, the energy was all the way live. Machine Gun Kelly was in mid song and I needed to catch up to the vibe. I bought a long island drink at the bar before walking my lucky arse upstairs to VIP. There was no way I could enjoy the show from where I was standing at that time. It was general seating (or standing should I say), and my height was so irrelevant.

From the VIP area upstairs, the view was way better. I was able to witness MGK wildin’ out on stage with his dope band mates, and omg the crowd gave me so much ‘life’. I didn’t know the lyrics like the fans or know the song titles right away but, that really didn’t matter. When you love music, and great talent performing their music, it doesn’t matter what is being played. As long as you are passionate, it will show, and I guess that’s what kept me so intrigued the whole time. I can’t lie. I remembered one song came on, “Wild Boy” and I felt like a fan for life. LOL. Such a classic. I believe that’s the song that broke MGK into the industry mainstream. Thank you Waka Flocka (artist that pretty much co-signed his movement early on for those that don’t know).

MGK really did his thang on stage. I never knew he had that much charisma or success all these years. The fans love him for sure, and you might hear me bumpin one of his tracks from now on. S/o to his drummer, Johnny “Rook” Cappelletty though. The kids’ got swag that’s for sure. And he’s super cute! Haha

If you’re a fan and haven’t been to one of MGK’s concerts, you might want to think about checking it out. I definitely would attend another!

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