LeAire (lee-air) Become A Legend

What does LeAire mean?

With the feeling of being trapped, founder Rallie Talbert IV longed for the sense of freedom. By realizing that the only thing free is air (for the most part), the name LeAire was born.


At an early age, Rallie (founder) had a knack for dressing well and had natural interest in fashion. While working part-time at various shoe stores during high school, the seed of starting his own clothing line was planted. While feeling trapped in school, Rallie longed to be free, a feeling obtained by very few. After thinking about it, the only thing he could think of that was free was the air, and then LeAire was born. LeAire started in 2014 with a mission to donate a portion of all sales to schools in his hometown of Charlotte, NC. By donating a portion of sales to schools in need, students have a chance to learn, free from financial and economic burdens that are out of their control. LeAire embodies the freedom of life that we all strive for as humans.
Live Life and Be Free.
What has your clothing done for you? Go to LeAire.com to see how you can make a difference!
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