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Kendrick Lamar’s Video “Element.” Embodies Influential Messages

Jonas Lindstroem & The Little Homies placed more than a few conscious messages for the black community in this new visual.

“This creative masterpiece is boldly riveting and positively necessary”

According to Paris.

Considering a black mother’s worried heart, concerned for her children’s future, or a black man just living, Kendrick Lamar, very awoke; has justifiably dropped supportive and captivating subliminal’s within his performance. The time today resembles our past which is unsurprisingly evolving by the generations to follow. Knowing this, we must either decide to become mindless slaves to the system or empowering soldiers prepared for war. As that’s said, peep the scene with the two who seem to be a father and son duo in training mode, and the pact of black men aggressively engaged in battle. Kendrick has taken an appropriate stance publicly as his role in the music industry continues to heighten and is commendably respected beyond his musical genius.

As artists are actively in the public eye, there’s a bit of responsibility they should acquire and help leave encouraging messages behind for the youth yet, most tend to dodge this opportunity. Not KDot! Watch the video below and see for yourself.


Let the music speak.

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(video courtesy of YouTube/Vevo)
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