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Jeezys Trap or Die 3 Album Release

Monday October 24th, Jeezy and team invited a few lucky listeners to get first listen to his up and coming new album, Trap or Die 3. It has been at least 6 years since Jeezy dropped his latest Trap or Die album so the excitement was highly expected for the snowman to return.

The event took place in Los Angeles, CA at the Siren Studios; somewhat of an unsuspected warehouse location. And if you weren’t on the list, well then you just weren’t on the list! Thanks to the plug, my self was in the place to be with my fellow peers.

Once inside, it was hard to NOT notice the huge projector screens which displayed a few men in the act of “trapping”, to go along with the theme. There was an open bar with the drink of the night, “Avion Paloma”; mixed with Avion Tequila, Grapefruit Soda, and Lime. It was a bit of an acquired taste but for me, it definitely added a little buzz to the night! All drinks were poured in the infamous white foam cups with the Snowman 3 logo on them. DJ Ace of Clubs provided the sounds of the night and definitely hyped up the crowd prior to Jeezys arrival, and of course throughout the rest of the night.

Jeezy had a few celeb friends that came to support as well. Chris Brown was the first to arrive, and later YG, and DJ Mustard. A few of the LA pioneers such as Fuzzy Fantabulous, DJ Carisma, DJ Hed, and Chuck Dizzle of 92.3 the Real, my girl Shirley from Hip Hop DX, the fly divas of The Get Down Network, Ricci & Nikki, and my partner in crime Dizasster, were in the place to be showing love as well. I tell ya, it was an extremely dope experience to be in a room full of dope energy and to see my fellow peers there as well, I knew it was a great night!

Make sure you get that Trap or Die 3, available now!!!


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