Jay Zs Touch Is More Than A Reminder That Beyonce Is His Honey

We’ve cracked jokes time and time again with the microscopic memes of Jay politely placing his hand on the fellas posing in pics with his Bey. But when you look further than the surface and understand from a man’s perspective; whom of which is in a relationship, you’ll recognize the meaning and purpose behind such gesture.

It’s a territorial type of action. Women do this a well. Don’t get it twisted. But we knew that right?!?! Ok so view deeper…and understand not only are you visually marking your territory, the man and/or woman is reminding their partner of the compassion he or she has for them. And when a man places his hand on his woman’s body, the touch senses signals that transfer to one another; sending alerts. The temperature and pressures of that touch show interest, and can stimulate autoerotic pleasures.

  1. relating to sexual excitement generated by stimulating or fantasizing about one’s own body.

Soooo Yeah… Let that marinate and get close to your honey and show who’s holding him/her down. 😻


According to Paris.

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