Its “Stix” Time To Shine


There’s always someone behind the scenes that people never really hear about until you read the credits on the inserts of your favorite artists project(s), or a notable artist gives the name away via media outlets. Here’s one of those masterminds that has been responsible for A LOT of familiar sounds for artists we’ve come to love like, Iggy Izalea, YG, Young Jeezy, Glasses Malone, Bad Lucc, Gizzle, Kendrick Lamar, and more! He goes by the name “Stix” (family nickname), and he’s from Watts, Ca. We’ve mentioned in prior posts that Stix has two new projects releasing on this very day and the wait is over! Mind you, Stix has been on the road with Snoop Dogg and fam for the Puff Puff Pass Tour across the states, so he’s definitely been on his grind that’s for sure.












Check out this recent article from for a brief back story of Stix’s accomplishments in the music game and whats to be expected come 2017.



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