Inauguration Day

Day of Trumps inauguration…

My calendar was marked to remind me that this day was coming, yet I overlooked the live event. This morning when I was listening to 1023KJLH and Real923 radio stations discussing what I missed, it was interesting to listen to them express their opinions and heartfelt emotions. Each station had their own way of expression yet together, they helped me realize how such a huge shift we have been making and we are currently faced with a new agenda, per say, or a new environment we should now adjust to.

We are all familiar with Trumps antics and his blunt vernacular, and we knew once Inauguration Day arrived, we no longer had the same ‘ways of living’ like we have been accustomed to. Yet, without hesitation, it was a very emotional sensation that ran through me. Who knew I would miss President Obama and family as much as I have come to NOW, of course, LOL miss his presence on my phone and tv.  The Obama’s will definitely be missed.

On another note…I played back Trumps speech and the differences between his and Obama’s speech brought a roller coaster of more emotions, and curiosity, and questions, and overall a newly found perspective in politics and our country period. Trumps speech to begin with, took me through loop-da-loops for moments at a time. I was distracted by the demeanor he spoke with, and instantly began analyzing the whole event. He spoke with the usual cotton mouth convo. His speech was honestly more like a presentation to receive acceptance in a sense. Seemed as though after so many lines, he would pause like clockwork, and wait for an applause. On a comedy note, the applause would sometimes be delayed or linger off into the wind. A view of the audience. Let’s just say its apparent who is supporting Trump and that is not a shocker at all to witness in the crowd. Quite frankly, I truly feel that most if not majority of the individuals in the crowd were not really paying attention the whole time, if at all. I watched a man sitting behind Trump waving to his homie in the crowd, like that was the thing to do. Others were extremely cheerful and the smiles were a bit creepy. In a sadistic horror flick kind of way. If that makes sense. Like children of the corn type ish. And some would cheer and clap dead middle of Trumps speech and sometimes get a response back from good ole Donald or they cheered, failing to realize it’s a Presidential speech and not a high school pep rally. The vibe was just odd altogether. So with that all said, understand I too know change has occurred and we all need to be on our p’s and q’s as usual. HOWEVER! I find it unsettling to be aware of the underlying movements and prejudices and racial acts that have been taking place right before our eyes. Most knew, most not all.

I went back to Obama’s speech. Major differences. The men behind him gave this man standing ovations on several occasions. That’s respect. The crowd’s energy was highly noticeable and heartwarming in a way. Cheerful cries were loud and strong, and marvelously brought dope harmony. He did not attempt to deliver punch lines every 2 minutes that’s for sure. Nor did he give off the impression that he was expecting the crowd to applaud on queque. I know to be there in person it had to be an unforgettable historic event.

I also noticed, just about everything Obama spoke on regarding promises to the nations have been curved into the absolute opposite direction. For example, he mentioned aiding the poor nations and providing good clean water, and years later Flint lives with inhabitable water.

I openly admit that I have further research to continue. And this shit gets real deep. Deeper than a lot of us really want to acknowledge. Seems like President Obama had the title but had to lose in many recent events that emerged during his term. Like for every win, there will be a loss. More than a singular loss on several occasions.

I guess at the end of the day, understand that once you know the players of the situation or you become aware of your surroundings, you can play the ‘game’ just like the rest. Be watchful, be mindful, and most of all stay awake.


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