Health Benefits From Eating Sunchokes “Jerusalem Artichoke”

Sunchokes, better known as “The Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus), also called sunroot, earth apple or topinambour, is a species of sunflower native to eastern North America, and found from eastern Canada and Maine west to North Dakota, and south to northern Florida and Texas. It is also cultivated widely across the temperate zone for its tuber, which is used as a root vegetable.” Wikipedia
This root vegetable contains inulin; a type of prebiotic fiber that generates health benefits due to its medicinal goods. Inulin fuels the growth of bifidobacterial, which is in the large intestine; attacks toxic bacteria in the intestines, and prevents constipation.

Other health benefits to consider adding sunchoke to your dietary intake:
1). Strengthen hair follicles and improve healthiness
2). Excellent source of potassium
3). Supplies the recommended daily value for thiamine (enables the body to use carbohydrates as energy), also known as vitamin B1.

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