Gucci Mane “Stutter” [Reviewed]

Bling. Blaww. Burr.

Gucci Mane released Return of East Atlanta Santa yesterday and there’s one song thus far that has my attention, which was actually leaked prior to. Now I’m aware there’s a lot of buzz going on right now about the latest track titled, “Both” featuring Drake but, this one is different. Even though Gucci doesn’t directly say who he’s referring to, the song made me tap into my inner scripper self! LMAO  It’s just one of those kind of beats. I know I’m not thee only one that has a playlist full of beats chopped and screwed, or have trap music on deck, to hype up your energy for whatever reason. So if this is you too, you might bump this on the way to a your next porty with ya people’s or hell, on the way to your booh thangs house! haha

Number 5 on the album, the name of the song is “Stutter” and throughout the track Gucci stutters some of the lyrics along with the beat for special effects I guess you can say.  The lyrics are x-rated as usual and clearly the chick hes rapping about, got a body so bad and moves that are so cold, that it makes him stutter. Hence the name.

Peep some of the lyrics below, take a listen to the track, and comment below what YOUR thoughts are.



I can’t even lie, that bitch so bad, lil mama so thick
The way she throw it back it’ll make you stutter when you hit

(Verse 1)
I’m just tryna fight it off, ain’t tryna nut too quick
She make me wanna take her, she’s another nigga bitch
A bitch that Gucci Mane can’t get, man that bitch don’t exist
This dick so good, I take it from her, she might slit her wrist
Bling blaww burr, I put diamonds on her clit
Fucked her in the air, yeah she ride me on the jet
His and her fur, yeah I bought my chick a fit
Like Edward Scissorhands, yeah she cut up on that dick
G-g-g-good god, so why she standing back like a pic?
Spaghetti straps in my Maybach, she showing off her tits
She ran off on the plug, so I’ma smash her at the Ritz
S-skeeted in her mouth so now she talkin’ with a lisp



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