[Flashback] Spotify & All Def Digital Presents Traffic Jams Featuring Jidenna and Sonny Digital

Every now and then, All Def Digital (A.D.D.) will team up with Spotify to create a platform called Traffic Jams for certain artists to perform in front of a live studio audience. December 9th, 2016, Jidenna and Sonny Digital came together and made yet another banger to add to their roster of hits.

The concept of how this came together is pretty cool! The two artists were riding together with one of the hilarious comedians from┬áthe A.D.D. squad named Do Boy; to their┬ádestination and in the midst of traffic, they came up with a dope track called “Just In Case”. So dope, that they felt the need to share their musical geniuses with their fans live. They end up at the Fat Eye Studios in Los Angeles to meet their live audience, and BAM! the performance begins.

Take a peak at the experience from this night, enjoy, and comment YOUR thoughts below.




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