Fitness Nutt Provides Weekend Training For Weekend Warriors

Darrell Smith aka “P Nutt”, founder of the Fitness Nutt workout challenges, has shaped an experience for individuals that basically want results in a healthy and time manageable way.  He’s a certified fitness trainer that supplies all necessary and detailed information for proper fitness training, delivers free meal plans for the individuals that attend each session, and he is passionate about the process and weight goal one can achieve. This movement was brought to attention and any workout that appears to challenge the body and furthermore the mind and spirit, it’s certainly worth it.

Every weekend, Darrell brings a group of individuals together at a reasonable yet early hour, to physically train their bodies back into shape or to their desired weight. The workouts are intense and surrounded with high energetic exercises. To add a sense of comfort, Darrell stays “hands on” with everyone to make sure no one over exerts themselves and to also build further strength if necessary. These classes Darrell trains, are for weekend warriors. What are weekend warriors? To put in short terms, one who commits to the weekend (Saturday & Sunday), for a 1 to 1-and-a-half-hour workout on a consecutive basis. Paris has participated in the last two classes and according to hershe is officially a Weekend Warrior herself! Check out a brief clip displaying an example of the relay race Paris and others followed at Manhattan Beach this past Sunday (every day is a different location), below.

Stay with us as we continue to follow the Weekend Warrior movement, and the results Paris will be flaunting off real soon. For more information to becoming a Weekend Warrior yourself, please contact Darrell directly via email



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