“Dont Get Gassed” He Says…

If you don’t know by now, we are absolutely rockin’ with the Think Watts movement and Watts artist Stix, consistently has been setting the tone for the next vibe we like to move with. Sometimes, you just get tired of hearing tracks highlighting big egos. Yet this new single by Stix titled “Don’t Get Gassed” off his latest EP The 100th & Central Ave., certainly gets a pass.

Taking a polite walk down the social media block, Stix reminds a certain group of women to basically chill the fuck out *According to Paris. We see them on our timelines from day to day, boasting about how their Snapchat is litty, or how much they’re benefiting from dating such and such and in both cases, have really nothing to make up for it! We’re obviously implying a bit with the message we gathered from Stixs’ unique way of metaphorically speaking with his words. HOWEVER! From the chorus, “87, 89, 91 Tell your girl she gassed up. You need to tell that trick calm down” to the first verse, “1000 eyes on your Snap, you think you bad huh?!?!”, Stevie Wonder can see what Stix is talking about! On that note…this will blast from someone’s speaker box due to the high-quality sound and/or because the message is so real you just gotta exploit it to the masses.

Watch the visual, let the music speak, and comment your thoughts below.

According to Paris.



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