DJ Escalade Drops “The Compilation” for BET Awards 2017 Weekend

DJ Escalade drops “The Compilation” just in time for the BET weekend festivities. The tracks on here has a southern kinda vibe if you ask us. Full of bass and slow tempos intermingled with them clappers that make ya put ya back into it, and steppin with a mug like lil PJ (Derek Rose kid). AYE!

But before you get your turn up in motion, the beautiful poet Brooke Jean laces her voice on the intro, getting you ready for a speaker boomin flow coming your way. We asked Escalade to describe the compilation in three words and he stated, “its refreshing, impactful, and direct”. This is his very first compilation and According to Paris, the vibes are just right!


Artists Featured:

Brooke Jean, Black Cobain, Al Sheez, Picclo, Junya Boy, Howie Tizzle, Tazz Majer, Pac Enzo Ten, LuMm, Spice 1, Juvenile, Tigo B, Jarren Benton, and Money Baggz.

Press play, comment your thoughts below and let the music speak!

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