Did You Know 2 Chainz Wrote A Cookbook?

Apparently this  flew right over some of our heads, (possibly because most media outlets never glorify something as health conscious as this). Mid 2013, rapper 2 Chainz (Tity Boi), wrote a cookbook along with his chef at the time, Aleem. It was released the same time as his 2nd album G.O.A.T. II: #METIME, and when you purchased the album, you also received the 26 page cookbook titled, #MEAL TIME. The recipes within the book, were a collection of healthier meals prepared while 2 Chainz was on his tour bus; excluding pork and beef. So the content was geared towards the individual that’s constantly on the road. The instructions for every meal were pretty interesting. He advised that you play specific tracks from his album while preparing your meal, and/or use those tracks as a tool for timing your meals. A genius way of cross promoting the album and the cookbook at the same damn time!

Hopefully we see more artists take interest in something like this and inspire their consumers to do the same. Take a look at a couple of recipes from the cookbook.











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