Chris Brown “Party” Feat. Usher and Gucci Mane [Reviewed]

You ever watch Chris Brown or Usher videos and just get up to start dancing? LOL I do! I love seeing these two come together and bring their dope dancing skills to one visual for our entertainment. Especially when they include young dancers hyping up the music. This song “Party” is perfect for all types of party environments. I know damn well nobody will be sitting down when the DJ spins this track. Then you have Gucci Mane featured on yet another banger since his release, lacing the track with his ATL swang. Gucci is killing some of these rappers right now, reminding all he never really “left” ya dig.


Some of the lyrics may have a fella all in his feelings regarding his girl though. The chorus already is talking about CB taking another mans girl, BUT he apologizes for it! LOL Now I can’t judge another mans ego, and who knows if CB is aiming at anyone in particular with the lyrics. All I have to say is…its a dope upbeat track, that’s definitely in rotation on my playlist!

Check out some of the lyrics below, watch the video, and comment what YOU think.





Pulled up on your bitch, tell your man im sorry

Hundred on my wrist, jumpin out the Rari

Ooh she hit the splits, she know how to party

When im with my clique, we know how to party

(4 x repeat) How to party, yeah, we know how to party

(1st verse)

Bitches dancin’ naked in my livin’ room

She straight out of college, just turned 22

Girl, get your money up, I ain’t even mad at you

Got you all on me, makin’ these niggas catchin’ attitudes

Tell ’em I’m started, my niggas retarded

Fuck the judge and the sentence, huh, I got a good lawyer

I got a few girls on the way, baby girl, you ain’t leavin’

It’s my birthday with the cake, fuck it up, then let me eat it

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