April 27th Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day

Now this is super dope! “Take Your Kids to Work Day” was fun when I attended elementary school. Whether it was an organization that planned this day, or my mother’s idea, I knew I didn’t have to go to school for that ONE day. And that ONE day, was like a weekend built in one! Lol but in hindsight at a young age the reality of this day, was that I could see what it was like at my mom’s job. Why she had to get up every morning to stay away for sometimes 8 plus hours or what the whole huge deal it was for her to be committed to going in daily, ya know. This was an opportunity for my creatively growing brain to be encouraged, motivated, and inspired. Show me a sense of responsibility to self, family, and the world Craig! (I had to) LOL

Moral of the story, I learned something new and I was inspired. Coming up in a few months, April 27th to be exact, it will be Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day again. I personally encourage all to begin and continue to spark that creativity into your own children and/or those around you.  Take them to work with you and show them why it’s important for you to get up every day and hustle for them. Show them how dedicated you are to getting your job done and how important your role is for the company to succeed. And let them know about the options they have in this world. That it’s time to study and gain the knowledge necessary to be everything they choose to be!

The link below directs you to an organization that has been supporting this very experience worldwide. You can review tips and plans to organize this extraordinary day with your workplace or hell! I know everyone doesn’t have a location to leave and go to, but be creative as well. Set up a day for a child and motivate them. Remember these kids will be here when we leave this Earth, so let’s guide them into the future knowing they’ll be A ok.




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